Capsule Hotel: What they are and how they Work

Time to organize our trip to Singapore, an experience has been a must-have point right away: spend a night in a capsule hotel singapore.

I do not know exactly where and when I saw for the first time this new proposal for accommodation for the night. What then new is not seen that in the East is chosen by many locals, especially on a business trip, for several years. Practical, fast and often economic solution.

Yes, because choosing a capsule hotel singapore does not necessarily mean saving money. Some chains are luxurious, with comfort that the 4-star hotels that we know are a mustache. Others are within everyone's reach but with more spacious areas of the elite hotel which, in this case, make the real difference.

What is a capsule hotel?

A capsule hotel singapore hotel is an ideal hotel to spend only the night (maybe only one) located in strategic areas of transit such as airports, stations or busy city centers.

To optimize space, each "room" is reduced to a very small space that, very often, only houses a bed.

The most extreme hotel capsules have rooms positioned one above the other and remind a little a cemetery register. Yes, but only for the schematic and dense positioning, in reality the space in the whole is well lit and aired and almost always you will have even a TV (to use the earphones, for the respect of peace).

Almost all hotel capsules do not have doors. The space is reduced to a minimum and to avoid feeling of claustrophobia but also loud noises, privacy is ensured by curtains or bellows.

The necessary for your short stay is almost always provided by the hotel. On the bed you will find towels, a toothbrush, slippers and a uniform to wear to attend the common places.

How a capsule hotel works

Evaluate to book well in advance. They are a very popular solution in the east!

The reception is available to welcome you with a wide margin of time, of course, but in some cases we require a further telephone confirmation on arrival or we risk seeing their own room "go away".

We arrive at 22 and clearly and quickly we are shown the female and male, strictly separated.

I have been fitted with a magnetic key to access my sector and a key bracelet for the valuables in my compartment.

Sector J "room" 14 my destination.

We have deliberately chosen a standard cabin: there is no space for the suitcase, left free at reception. I kept a bag with camera, beauty and a sweatshirt at the foot of the bed that is, strangely, much more comfortable and roomy than those that had accustomed us to normal Singapore hotels.

Going through the corridors in a silent way and all the same clothes (with the capsule uniform) to reach the toilets, the TV area or the smoking room will seem like going around in a labyrinthine spaceship. Do you know those "interstellar cities" in futuristic films? No window, dark, muffled, all with the same clothes but clearly different nationality ... Fascinating!

Bathrooms are shared. A sore key for most Italian tourists. Yet I assure you that you have met an order and a cleaning that many traditional hotels make you only dream of. Of course, finding me in Singapore has certainly made things easier.

The toilet area is well separated from the sleeping area, always to avoid annoying noises.

A door divides the WC area where I find a manic cleaning and the inevitable hyper-technological water with heated axle, bidet and other nonsense that, however, after 20 days, will seem essential.

A second area offers a dozen consoles with large mirrors, sinks and Shiseido cosmetics.

You take off your slippers and you enter the dressing area with pretty baskets to store clothes, showers and, great treat: an onsen!

You will meet travelers from all over the world at all hours of the day and night in the common areas.

It is a curious, interesting, entertaining and informative experience. And I'm just talking about a shared bathroom.

Posted on September 28, 2018 at 01:43 PM