Meet 8 Experienced Traveler Tricks!

Experience is gained through practice and this also applies to Travel. The more you travel, the more you'll learn tricks to make life easier and make the trip always better. Meanwhile, you who still cannot be considered a veteran, will like to know the tricks of travelers who have been on the road for longer and profit from the experience of others.

This is what we wrote our article for today. Read the tricks and tips that experienced travelers have to share!

1. Use anonymous browsing when browsing

Click the menu in the upper right corner of your browser and choose "Incognito window" to search flights and hotels. Let's explain the reason: nowadays, everything that you search on the internet can be traced. Have you noticed how you start getting publicity right from the product you've just searched? Travel sites can track the destinations you've been searching for and raise the price just of the product you want. Because 'anonymous browsing' mode is not traceable, you get rid of this risk.

2. Back up documents

This is a care that every seasoned traveler will take, especially if the trip is abroad. Passport, voucher of the travel insurance (essential!), Confirmation of hotels, credit cards and everything that is important need to have a printed backup or filed electronically, to avoid headaches in the event of loss. You can scan documents and save copies to pen drives, applications in the cloud, like Dropbox, or send them to your own email. The important thing is that copies are accessible in case of loss of originals.

3. Do not leave the whole money with one person

Ever wondered if all the money is with one person and it is stolen or lost the bag? If you are traveling with family or friends, it is best that each one save a portion of the money, and always on the money belt, those purses to wear inside the clothing. Money should never go in the backpack you carry on your back or even in the back pocket of your pants.

Redoubled attention in places with great flow of tourists and in lines of buses or subway that connect tourist attractions. These are the favorite places for pickpockets, who keep an eye on people who are distractedly enjoying the monuments, taking pictures or checking out the map of the city.

4. Mark seat in advance

If the trip is by plane and the airline offers this service online, this is the time to secure a good seat on the plane. Places near the wing are the most stable in turbulence and indicated for those who are sick. The front seats are served first, while the bottom seats suffer less from the icy air conditioning of the planes. By choosing a seat in the aisle, you are freer to get up whenever you want and to ride the plane without disturbing your sleeping neighbor, but you may be bothered by the traffic of strollers and people.

5. Ask for special meal on the plane

On long flights, if you want to get your meal before everyone else, try this trick: when you check in, order a special meal, which can be a vegetarian dish or kosher food, as these are usually the first ones to be served.

The first seats of the airplane are also served first. Then, when there are two options on the menu, one of the dishes can end first, leaving the passengers in the background with no choice.

When it comes to mealtime, do not abuse alcohol on board! Many people usually get excited about wine and beer 'for free' and forget that the effect of alcohol is enhanced by altitude, and end up doing a lot of harm during the flight.

6. Take the electronics with full load

Before leaving home, charge the batteries of all equipment, such as cell phones, laptops, and cameras. If the trip takes longer than expected, you can ensure that you will not be disconnected due to a lack of battery power. Always have a USB cable with you, which can replace the charger, as you can connect the cable on the TV in the hotel room to charge your electronics. When you reach your destination, make sure you know the voltage of the local mains, to avoid connecting 110V devices to 220V sockets, which can seriously damage your electronics.

7. Travel as light as possible

Among the tricks of experienced travelers, there will always be light and practical luggage. Only those who travel often know that excess baggage can be synonymous with nightmares. Not only for problems already on board, when you will have to pay for the excess weight, but also when have had had you reached the destination. Many times, you will have to face stairways in subway stations or old hotels without an elevator and you will not always find a kind soul to help.

So pay attention to the hint of the experts: never prepare a bag that you are not able to carry. Take a test: could you lift your suitcase alone to put in a train rack? Inside the plane, would you be able to accommodate your handbag in the luggage rack above your seat without help? If the answer is yes, congratulations, you got that item right.

8. Experiencing living like the natives of the place is the greatest of the tricks of experienced travelers

Experienced travelers rarely take a taxi. Using public transportation, getting to know the local markets, especially the street fairs to talk to the fairgrounds, try the typical dishes, try to 'live' the local culture as if it were one of them are ways to live with the natives. Just so you can start to feel the real atmosphere of the area and not just go there to take photos.

Many tourists 'visit' various cities in the rush, making that basic compulsory itinerary and return to the impersonal environment of the hotel, where the only contact with a local person is with the receptionist (who is only interested in finishing the shift and going home to rest).

Do you know a great way to talk to locals? Go for a walk in the parks; sit on a bench next to the elderly and chat. They will love the chance to tell stories about the place and you will win a class for free!

So was not it good to learn some tricks from seasoned travelers to make the most of your next trip? Because we have many more tips, tricks and information so that you are always well informed.

Posted on June 21, 2018 at 06:03 PM