When it comes to day to day cooking, tricks and tips are always welcome - it does not matter if you are a beginner or a master chef! But today, we have put together some Kitchen tricks that will surprise you for being simple, but useful enough when making dishes or preserving food. So, come with us and check out 8 cooking tricks for you to adopt for life:

8 kitchen tricks that will make your day to day easier

Ice forms: more utilities

The ice form is an incredible utensil and with utilities that go beyond freezing the ice. So it's worth remembering: freezing that little bit of wine in the forms can be a good way to use it in a wine sauce.  In kitchen, can also freeze the leftover herbs along with olive oil in the ice forms. This way it is easy, practical and quick to temper the dishes!

Pineapple always sweet

When buying a pineapple, what we most want is that the fruit is sweet, right? To achieve this, simply turn the pineapple upside down. This is because the sugar, which is concentrated in the base, can spread all over the facing fruit. If you have never done this, our advice is that you adopt this tip for life!

Prevent the already cut avocado from getting dark

Did you just make an avocado vitamin and only used a piece of fruit? Put it in the refrigerator with the cut side of the avocado facing up along with half and onion inside an enclosed pot. The onion contains sulfur dioxide, a natural preservative capable of maintaining the color and freshness of the fruit.

Easily separate cabbage leaves

If you have difficulty separating leaves from cabbage, simply slam the side of the greens onto a smooth surface. You will see how the leaves will come off easily! You can make a delicious cabbage cigar.

Potatoes without roots

Have you ever come across roots coming out of the potato? You can avoid this by keeping the potatoes along with apples. This is because the fruit contains ethylene, a substance that prevents the growth of unwanted roots. But watch out for it out of the fridge, okay?

Make recipes on your baking sheet the size you desire

Did you need to make a smaller amount of dough than your baking dish? No problem. Simply create a "barrier" with aluminum foil, shaping the baking dish to the size you want. Easy, right?

A roll of differentiated noodles

Want to stretch dough and do not have that classic roll of pasta? This can be quest for the good old bottle of wine! Since it is empty and clean, the bottle can perfectly function as a noodle roll - one of the best ways to reuse the bottle that was going to end up in the trash.

Quality reheated pizza

It's a joy when there's pizza left over for the next day, right? If you usually reheat it in the microwave, you probably must have tasted that rather unpleasant gummy look, eh? So when it comes to reheating, opt for the frying pan that is successful in maintaining its taste and texture!

Posted on June 21, 2018 at 06:02 PM