How to Stay Fit with 6 Exercises to Do At Home

If you want to be Fitness but hate gym, you do not have time to go or you'd rather pick yourself up after a tiring day, you're in the right place! But our "sweet home" need not be a place just to rest, gather the gang for a beer or throw you on the couch to watch Netflix eating greasers!

It is possible to follow fitness quickly with some practical exercises without having to move the foot of the residence. Does it look magical? Then discover the secret behind this powerful convenience.

Check out the best exercises to do at home

Forget the stuffed academies!

With these exercises you only need 15 minutes to burn fat, quit the sedentary lifestyle and eliminate the main excuses - you do not have the time or money to work out - once and for all!

1. Abdominal

Hailed by everyone who wants to lose their belly, their sit-ups is hugely successful because of their effectiveness. So much so that, over time, the power of the exercise has been improved and today there are several variations that accelerate the results.

But you have to be careful with proper posture when doing sit-ups. Learn to practice correctly: lie on your back on the floor and with your knees bent, cross your arms in front of your chest and lift your shoulders with the aid of your abdomen muscles.

Take a short break while you are suspended, lie down slowly, breathe, relax your abdomen and contract again to continue.

2. Board

Now, if you prefer an exercise that is equivalent to hundreds of sit-ups, try the plank on the floor: press your palms on the floor, stretch your shoulders and keep your neck erect.

Stand with your back straight and imagine your body as well straight. Hold this position for 20 to 60 seconds. Rest your knees on the floor to rest and repeat the same sequence twice more.

3. Arm flexion

Lay on the floor with your belly down, rest your hands on the floor with your arms stretched out and lift your whole body just flexing your arms. If you are a beginner, keep your knees flat on the floor for ease. Repeat for 30 seconds.

4. Imaginary bicycle

Lay on the floor with your belly up, lift your legs and start pedaling in the air as if you were on a bicycle. Do not forget to contract the abdomen. Oh, and make no mistake about the simplicity of the movement, you'll find that it does a little more work than you think!

5. Cross Climber

Level of difficulty: hard! Support both hands on the floor and remains on tiptoe as if you were doing plank or bending, that is, with your body stretched out.

However, this exercise consists of folding one leg and throwing it to the opposite side, and so on. It is tiring and will make you sweat a lot, and feel burning the abdomen!

6. Squatting

This one is also famous for leaving bum and hard thighs. Just move your legs apart, stretch your arms, keep your spine erect, and do multiple squats for 30 seconds.

Remember that when descending your thighs should be parallel to the ground. Also, inhale and exhale slowly as you descend.

How to do the exercises properly and efficiently?

To make your life easier, the Fitness Mission contains video lessons led by the Lana Pessoa weight loss specialist so you do not have questions about:

What exercises to do at home?

The right way to practice without causing injury;

And what are the frequency or ideal repetitions for weight loss.

With just 15 minutes a day, the program has helped thousands of women to reconcile their professional, personal and family life without neglecting health!

60 days is enough to lose weight, stiffen your butt, burn abdominal fat, shape your waistline, set your body and become your best version!

Why work out at home can you lose more weight than gym?

If you fool anyone who thinks these home workouts are only recommended for beginners. They work for both sedentary women and workout addicts, thanks to the efficiency of the HIIT strategy - which stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

This promising science causes your body to continue burning fat for up to 48 hours after training! That is, supporters get results much faster than who knit 40 minutes or 1 hour at the gym, for example.

Do not believe? Start by experiencing these 7 killer minutes, and feel the power and intensity of the training. Were you scared by the name? Calm, it is NOT ANY seven-headed animal, see:

Find out why you will get better results if you train at home

According to exercise physiologist and practice consultant Andrea Doepker-Gavidia of Canada, "it doesn't matter where you train, but rather what you do and how often for the outcome to be effective and beneficial."

That way, with willingness, dedication and choosing the right exercise, you lose weight going straight to the point that bothers you: it burns fat, tones the body, defines muscles and reduces sagging.

In addition, short exercises do not require large investment, on the contrary, they add:

More practicality;

More time to dedicate to other tasks because it only takes 15 to 20 minutes to take care of her;

Economy about 4x larger:

1) You do not pay tuition and tuition for a gym , and you do not have to buy gym clothes (seriously: no one wants to work out with an old T-shirt and shorts, is not it ?!);

2) Do not need to hire personal trainer service;

3) There is no need to buy gym clothes since you will be exercising in your residence;

3) And lastly, do not spend with "black stripe" medications or appetite suppressant supplements, which are usually dangerous and cause a rebound effect on the body (when you stop using it, you can gain weight again, who never ?!).

Another decisive benefit does not have to face traffic moving to the gym. Maybe the only thing you need to move a little is the sofa or the table at home...

Posted on June 21, 2018 at 06:01 PM