The Best Tricks for Travelers

Sometimes Travel can become a little stressful:

·        The unexpected change of plans

·        The adaptation to a reality completely different from the normal one

·        The lack of the simple things that we are already accustomed to ...

Anyway, there are many factors that we should pay attention to ... For people who are much stressed, we recommend Yoga Tourism!

Any advice that can make life easier for a traveler and avoid finding unpleasant surprises when opening the suitcase, such as a shampoo pack that is not well covered or a maranha of tangled cables will be a great help to enjoy the travel without having to worry.

EDreams tricks for better travel

1. Store the cables in the glasses case.

You will prevent the cables from getting entangled and do not risk the risk of damage!

2. Do you want to hear some music in travel? Try leaving the phone in a cup ...

And you will see how the volume increases!

3. The dual functionality of a lipstick?

It's a handy place to hide money!

4. Creams in the contact lenses box

The size of the contact lenses case is perfect for storing individual shampoo, conditioner and makeup, and can be used on multiple plane trips without preventing it from exceeding the maximum allowable amount for hand luggage liquids - 100ml.

5. Do not forget the sticky film

Uses the adhesive film to cover containers containing liquid before closing with the lid. If the container is opened, it will prevent liquid from spilling!

6. The airplane mode is not just for the flight!

If you select airplane mode when the phone is charging, you will save battery power and you will see how it charges much faster.

Posted on June 21, 2018 at 05:51 PM