Simple Kitchen Tricks to Make Life Easier For Those Who Live Alone

Did you come home late from work and need to cook? Ask for pizza and eat sandwich almost every day of the week is wiping out your pocket? Can you just have my hair to turn around on a hurry? Here are some simple Kitchen tricks to make life easier for those who live alone!

If you're still learning to cook, you're sure to be disappointed in trying to make some "simple" recipe seen on YouTube. Is that even the fastest dishes require a preparation time. In theory, preparing a salad takes 5 minutes, but if you count the time you peel and chop vegetables, go to the market, wash the food or thaw some protein, well ... these 5 minutes can multiply wildly.

Much by the need ( delivery = $$$$) I discovered some little tricks that help me a lot to reduce this preparation time, especially in the part of being planning menu or snacking things. I'll tell you some!

Simple kitchen tricks to make life easier for those who live alone

Invest in "basic"

As the focus of this post is more the practice, I will speak quickly about some indispensable facilitator items here at home.

1) Mixer

The first is the famous mixer, which shreds, mixes and bites while you press a button. Believe me; you take much less time washing the mixer's glass than peeling and chopping garlic or onion every night.

2) Pressure cooker

Everyone is afraid, but I am much more afraid of boleto than of pressure cooker. At first that sinister noise gives a ticking time bomb, but you have only one rule to follow: DO NOT OPEN THE COVER BEFORE THE PININHO IS SILENT.

Guys, it's very simple, right? Turn the fire off> raise the pininho> wait to stop making noise> open the lid.

If you are afraid to tinker and burn with steam, just put the pot in the sink and turn the faucet on top of the pin. There is no secret, I swear! You can.

Mine is not the most elaborate, but the tail still works very well as part of the decor. It costs $ 119.90 on the website of Magazine Luiza.

3) Air fryer

How I love this business! Mine is the most basic of all, has no accessory or anything, just come and air it in the box. Even so, a gallon breaks me in the days of laziness. Rolls of good fry potato, bake cheese bread, curd cheese, garlic bread, hamburger ... If you are carnivorous, even fried chicken it does, the ones that come seasoned from the market. Neither do you need to thaw completely, much less put oil.

Have "wild" foods always placed in the refrigerator

My favorite jokers are the potato, the garlic and the onion. Besides cheap, they are the easiest thing in the world to run fast in the kitchen, go well on almost any recipe and last for a long time in the refrigerator.

Potato, for example, you do not even have to peel. Just cut and leave cooking while doing other things (be sure to turn on the timer). To make fried potatoes, fry and play in the air fryer, sprinkling with a little olive oil every 10 minutes. I take care of my life until the business beeps.

Do you know the difficulty of making a stuffed potato? In the pressure cooker, very little. With peel, put a large potato to cook for about 30 minutes (timer!). Following the care I've outlined above, remove the potato and, when you can handle it, open a hole in the potato (you can mix the part that you removed with the filling). Fill it with whatever you want (cheese, heart of palm, broccoli, whichever is easiest), cover with mozzarella cheese and bake or microwave until melted.

Store the chopped onion in the freezer

You do not even need to thaw to use it! As onion has plenty of water, it keeps juiciness in the freezer and you just "shave" some of the pot straight into the pan when you want. It will defrost with the heat of the oil / oil. The water that will come out is also very little, evaporates during the braised.

There is no secret: peel all the onion, crush the mixer and store in a little pot inside the freezer.

The biggest advantage of this is that you: a) will have a one-time job peeling and chopping the onion on a day that is best; b) will have chopped onion for many days, without worrying about thawing first; c) you will save because you can only "scrape" the amount you need for each recipe . After all, when you live alone, the most common thing is to use half the onion, store the rest in the refrigerator and spoil it before we use it.

This can also work with juicy and crunchy vegetables such as sweet peppers. It's worth testing in your house.

Posted on June 21, 2018 at 05:51 PM