We know that everyone is tired of knowing that with lemon we can make Lemonade and Caipirinhas and of course season the salad giving that tasty sour in fish and shellfish, right?

But it can still be used in other Kitchen tricks and today we will tell you how you can make your recipes even more delicious.

Aromatize and Flavor: Lemon or better Peel is a great flavoring, whether for cakes, cookies, sauces or breads, using the zest of lemon peel not only guarantees a delicious aroma but also a mild lemon flavor, but be careful not to scrape the sack portion because it can sour your recipe.

Tea with Lemon: When making a tea for that late afternoon, add in the cup a thin slice of lemon, this will ensure delicious and flavored tea.

Citrus Rice: How about giving a charm to your rice and add lemon shavings at the time of the stew and when you add the water do you like the lemon juice? So you'll get out of the basic rice every day and leave it with a delicious taste. Imagine this rice with a grilled fish! Perfect combination!

Lemon Sauce: How about a sauce for fish, poultry and even salads super easy? Add slowly and steadily beat 2 tablespoons lemon juice to 1 cup (yogurt), 1 tablespoon honey, season with salt and pepper.

Important: Whenever your kitchen handle lemon, remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Exposure to the sun after contact with lemon or any acidic fruit causes brown spots on the skin. Such stains are caused by an allergic manifestation and occur mainly in the hands, arm and mouth (places most prone to contact).

Posted on June 21, 2018 at 05:50 PM